January 2023

Real Estate in the EV Age

Konrad Pecelerowicz takes a look at the European Green Deal and its impact on Poland’s real estate market. He says, “the European Green Deal is set to transform the European Union into a climate-neutral area. One of the key parts of the Deal is to develop the use of electric vehicles. As a consequence, any major renovation of buildings and their electrical infrastructure should take into account the necessity to install more charging points in the future”.

Charging Stations for EVs

A key piece of legislation is EU Directive 2018/844 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018 amending Directive 2010/31/EU on the Energy Performance of Buildings and Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency. It obliges the construction or renovation of non-residential buildings to include at least 10 parking spaces and to install at least 1 charging station in them (in inside car parks or those adjacent to buildings) and to create an infrastructure for electrical cables to allow for the future installation of charging points for every five parking spaces.

Looking to the Future

The amendment to Poland’s Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels further stipulates that by 1 January 2025 buildings with more than more than 20 parking spaces should contain at least at least one charging point, as well as ducts for electrical cables to enable further charging stations to be installed in the long term at a ratio of at least one charging point for every five parking spaces.

If you want to learn more about the European Green Deal and its impact on the real estate market, feel free to get in touch with Penteris expert Konrad Pecelerowicz.

Originally published December 2022 by the Polish Council of Shopping Centres.