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We advise clients on how to effectively protect, maintain, and manage their intellectual property.

We offer complex legal advice on how to protect, maintain, and manage intellectual property. Regardless of complexity, our team of attorneys will be involved in long-term strategy planning, execution of the necessary course of action, as well as any ongoing matters and endeavours that require our expertise.

IP law covers a vast range of aspects. It revolves around the establishment, ownership, and protection of mostly intangible creations — ideas, inventions, designs, artwork, brands, or even music. Intellectual property therefore might constitute a large portion of a company’s assets. Retaining and protecting intellectual property is necessary for almost any financial investment to be profitable.

Intellectual Property Attorneys — What We Do

Our team of IP lawyers will contribute to building and supporting your company’s brands and other intangible assets. We provide day-to-day assistance, as well as representation in court. This includes the initial creation of intellectual property rights, data protection, and ongoing advice in terms of IP management. Penteris intellectual property attorneys will assist you in the following matters:
– copyright registration,
– design patent application, maintenance, and removal,
– transfer of ownership,
– trademark application,
– representation in the court of law,
– hands-on legal assistance,
– drafting documents and formal support.

Our aim is to ensure complex legal assistance based on a deep understanding of your field of operation. By recognising your company’s needs, goals, and management culture, as well as the specific traits and potential risks of the industry, we are able to provide tailored solutions in terms of data protection and intellectual property management. Our client-focused approach is backed by expertise in the business area and knowledge of current market trends.

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