Private Equity

The financial industry is an extremely dynamic environment where business acumen and the ability to stay up-to-date with legal regulations and market trends can have a significant impact on your investment.

Private Equity Lawyers in Poland

Our legal consultants provide advisory services over the entire lifespan of their private equity projects. The focus of our team is always to increase the value of investors’ assets and ensure a successful exit.

Hands-on and hand-in-hand, we leverage our competence and business know-how for investors. Planning, structuring, advising, and completing acquisitions, and then liaising between investors and portfolio companies, we work both at a management and ground level, translating legal complexities into tangible business results.

Our disciplined and astute lawyers feel at home in all variety of business environments, including electronics, FMCG, industrial, real estate, retail, and new technologies.

Advisory Services for Investors

Penteris operates in Central and Eastern Europe: an area that has been enjoying unprecedented dynamic growth in recent years. This means that a greater number of investments is appearing, competition on the Polish and CEE markets is increasing, and demand for advisory and other legal services is growing. Our knowledge and legal experience allows us to confidently navigate the uncertain waters of private equity.


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They assist international investors active in the Polish market and CEE with a wide range of M&A transactions.

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