Take the opportunity to join a team which values a friendly atmosphere and a personal approach. Get the chance to work hand in hand with seasoned experts on a range of projects, on a variety of levels.

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At Penteris, we offer:


regular training programmes


competitive benefits


opportunity for growth


international exchange programmes


cross-border assignments

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Success Stories

Przemek Kastyak, Partner

Beginning in 2002, Przemek joined the team as a student. He was immediately impressed with what he saw, his colleagues’ professionalism, and the great atmosphere.

I was surprised by the speed with which I was given more responsibility. As well as doing the usual court runs, I began working directly with clients pretty quickly.

The firm appreciated Przemek’s eagerness to work hard, learn on the job, and be a real part of the team.

After about six months, I got the chance to work on a case, and I was able to recover a large sum of money from a debtor for a Swedish client in only a matter of days. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could the team! I was so proud.

Whilst working on a whole range of cases – from IT contracts to complex disputes – Przemek found his passion in real estate and began to specialise in construction.

What I loved about construction – and still love – is that it requires both legal skills but also a really high level of technical expertise.

A real benchmark for Przemek came when he was entrusted with tackling a huge construction investment project on his own. He did it to great success. Now a partner – a reward for his hard work, loyalty and exceptional business skills – Przemek heads up his own team of dedicated construction lawyers.

Magda Łobejko, Marketing Coordinator

Magda began her adventure with us in 2009. Full of fresh ideas, hopes and energy, she came to the firm as a temporary twelve-month appointment.

I remember walking through the door and thinking ‘will I manage?’ I had some really big shoes to fill and I had never worked with lawyers before. They took a chance on me, and I wasn’t going to let them down.

Not only did Magda not let anyone down, she blossomed in her ‘temporary’ role becoming skilled in the intricacies of the legal world. Soon, she became a familiar figure to all. After mastering her role in the firm’s administration, Magda was offered a role in the Marketing Department.

I was euphoric! After knocking on the door and asking for a chance to develop, another opening came up and the firm decided to promote from within. Once again, I was given a chance, and I took it with open arms wanting to show everyone that I could learn this role as well.

Magda’s professional attitude and infectious character has made her a popular figure. She has proven that with real hard work, grit, and positive energy anything can be achieved.

Kamil Stelmach, Senior Associate

Fresh after graduaton, Kamil came to us in 2012. It was his first real taste of corporate life in a larger law firm with a proper structure and international environment.

I was filled with excitement and anticipation. I wondered if I could match the expectations of the firm, how my career would develop, and what the company could give me in terms of opportunities.

Kamil got straight to work and became part of a tight-knit team of friends and colleagues. Then, just after a year, he was invited to an annual performance review with management.

I remember it well. It was actually my first serious talk with management. The senior partner talked about how he wanted us to learn and grow, become associates, and partners. I thought he was joking.

He was not. Kamil was promoted to associate in appreciation of his hard work, dedication to the team, and focus on clients.

Thinking about that first discussion and looking at my own career and the career of my colleagues, I see it’s true. I’ve gone through the ranks: I am now a senior associate and can really see a career path.

Kamil is an integral part of the team, providing clients with tailor-made tax consultancy and M&A advice. What is more, with a key recruiting role at the firm, he is now responsible for guiding his junior colleagues on their own career paths.


Penteris is looking to give opportunities to students and graduates who are particularly interested in gaining experience in the practicalities of real estate, retail and corporate law.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • well-organised and understands the importance of deadlines
  • independent and dedicated in their approach to duties
  • excellent in English
  • precise and quick in their ability to undertake research
  • friendly and communicative in relation to others.

Penteris offers:

  • the opportunity to grow and make friends
  • the chance to cooperate with specialists in a host of legal areas
  • three months of paid work experience
  • a great location in the centre of Warsaw adjacent to a metro station
  • the best candidates the chance to work with us full-time.

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Traineeship Programme

Penteris is always interested in interesting people. If you are someone who cherishes a good atmosphere at work, a cooperative atmosphere, likes to work hard and values competence, timeliness and precision, then send us your CV.

We are always happy to hear from candidates who can bring something new and energising to the team.

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