At Penteris we pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment to our clients. We provide legal services for various industries and in multiple legal areas to guide and protect market leaders in an ever-changing world. With the confidence it takes to stand out from other law firms, we use our experience and knowledge to work on even the most challenging and unique situations. Our combination of innovation and professionalism has built and continues to build long-lasting relationships.

For well over twenty years, the Penteris team has been helping clients stay ahead of the market by offering their legal know-how and market insights. With laws in various industries changing quickly, the importance of quality law consultancy is crucial to a business’ success. Our team strives to keep clients well-equipped and protected across the important legal areas of their respective industries. Penteris is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to our clients.

Our firm operate in industries such as, amongst others, energy and natural resources, retail, real estate, financial institutions, and private equity. With knowledge and expertise, we supply robust advice to leaders of these markets across various legal areas. Our team works to consult with clients on areas such as employment, tax, compliance, contracts, and dispute resolution. At Penteris, our ability to listen to and understand client situations allows us to provide clients with the best possible consultancy experience.

Thanks to these law firm services, our business partners receive vital know-how to keep them secure while growing and leading the market. Helping to keep market leaders legally protected as they grow and thrive requires knowledgeable and experienced legal consultancy. Our close-knit team uses a multidisciplinary approach to deliver expert legal advice, something the Penteris team is passionate about. Penteris works closely with business partners to maintain the highest quality and most beneficial advice. With an internationally recognized team, Penteris legal services speak for themselves.