Commercial advisory is at the heart of our practice – keeping business personal and pragmatic.

This translates into an in-depth understanding of our clients’ industry, which allows us to proactively guide them through all manner of difficulties and avoid risk in order to achieve their ultimate business goals.

We take the strategic objectives of our clients and help them open up opportunities, while ensuring an optimum legal framework, whether domestic or international.

Running a successful business is no small task. At Penteris, we believe that it is prudent to learn from the best in class and wise to seek professional assistance. Our goal is to guide you through all the processes, changes, and endeavours that your company faces on its way to prosperity. Formal requirements, standards and regulations, as well as other obligations and criteria governing your business environment become increasingly complex together with the growth of your business. Our team of attorneys will provide you with necessary aid and expertise, to ensure the optimal operation of your company.

Commercial contracts, investment approval, licensing, and more

We value our individual approach because there is no one recipe for signing a fair and advantageous agreement and contract. Commercial advice requires a deep understanding of the industry, as well as being aware of your company’s unique culture and ways of getting things done. We provide you with legal guidance so you can achieve your commercial goals, while at the same time steering you clear of any risks and threats.

Our legal and advisory support includes areas such as commercial lease and tenancy, distribution and export, franchising and licensing (also digital), purchase contracts, as well as other types of business agreements. The scope of our support also includes drafting and reviewing business documents. Our attorneys and experts will identify potential loopholes and advise you on the substantial objective of a contract.

We will structure an optimal legal framework that allows you to fully utilize the potential lying in your business which will then provide you with greater opportunities. Recognizing the right entities and resources to build upon is crucial for engaging in beneficial and long-lasting commercial relationships. With targeted legal expertise, industry-specific advice, it is easier to focus on directing the company’s development.

Commercial advice — Penteris

Our team of attorneys will provide you with complex and meaningful insight on all the legal processes essential for your company’s daily operation. Contact us to learn more about the range and nature of our services.


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