Our compliance and regulatory team advises clients on legal risk management, internal investigations and tailoring policies mitigating sector-specific regulatory threats.

In our compliance practice we combine expertise in employment, white-collar crimes and regulatory matters, including unfair competition and sector-specific regulations. Holistic approach allows us to maintain 360-degree awareness of all potential legal challenges our clients face in day-to-day business.

Our goal is to detect and flag potential risks before any threat can materialize based on principles of constant compliance due diligence, yet at the same time we are well prepared to deal with crisis management and combat potential infringements whenever they occur.

Highly regulated business areas require specific expertise on restrictions, opportunities, and other legal obligations that companies must adhere to. The support of an attorney trained in industry-specific compliance is a key factor in running a successful modern company. The Penteris team will provide you with the essential advice you will need to ensure the compliance-led operation of your business. We work in a wide range of regulated fields and our lawyers will guide you through the complex world of compliance.

Compliance — industry-specific legal advice

Our job is to ensure that your company operates within industry standards and regulations. We assist you with all actions that lie in the scope of your business — both in terms of legal supervision, as well as active participation. On our part, we deliver the knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms that govern your field of operation. Applying those rules to the distinctive attributes and work ethics of your company will allow us to detect any potential legal red flags, before they entail serious consequences.

Our team will assist you in the following areas:
– risk and crisis management;
– adherence to any legal and ethical obligations;
– preventing improper conduct;
– overseeing normal business activities, such as product launch or marketing campaigns;
– flagging potential infringements and unfair competition.

Our broad approach combined with detailed due diligence allows us to detect potential threats and implement appropriate actions to prevent or minimize negative impacts.

Corporate legal support

Running a business on a corporate level undoubtedly requires the ability to see the bigger picture. However, neglecting any of the sector-specific rules and regulations that your business needs to adhere to might bring dire consequences. Our compliance team will provide you the practical advice needed. Contact us for more information.


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