Legal Areas


With laws and regulations in a state of constant flux, Penteris lawyers advise clients in various industries on how to stay ahead of market changes. With compliance and regulatory matters playing a key role in today’s world where sustainability, accountability and transparency are of incredible importance, our experienced and knowledgeable approach allows us to see all potential legal problems businesses face in their daily affairs.


By understanding and developing a deep understanding of our client’s industry, Penteris consultants provide proactive advice to navigate difficulties and achieve business goals. Our European lawyers help clients open up opportunities to grow their business in the proper legal framework in domestic and international affairs.


The details of construction involve zoning, regulatory, and contractual obligations. The Polish lawyers at Penteris work to cover all aspects of construction with our well-developed experience and pragmatic approach. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we assist our clients across the whole length of construction projects.


Corporate legal areas can be complex. To allow our clients to focus on their businesses, we strive to cover all legal housekeeping to create a strong foundation for their endeavours and enterprises. Regardless of the client’s industry, our internationally-proven consultants provide curated assistance based on a deep understanding of various markets.

Dispute Resolution

Our team is incredibly well-equipped to effectively deal with dispute resolutions in various legal areas. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of our clients’ industries, we can provide strategic and innovative resolutions to the most complex and complicated of disputes. Our international consultants are prepared to manage and cross-examine cases and provide court representation if needed.


Corporate expansion is what most companies seek to achieve. This requires a great deal of expertise in various fields related to social security, taxes, and the suchlike. Our team of experts will provide you with complex day-to-day employment assistance. We have know-how in a variety of sectors (retail, gaming, construction, real estate) delivering specialised advice on company structure, reorganisation, as well as potential mergers.

IP & Data Protection

The safe preservation of your intellectual property is crucial, especially in today’s heavily digitalized world. We deliver effective IP & data protection mechanisms — from the initial creation of legal rights to the execution of long-term strategies and the management of corporate intangible assets. Our support includes planning, legal representation, and day-to-day counselling.