We believe effective legal housekeeping is the solid foundation of a stable company framework. When we handle the legal, our clients can comfortably focus on business.

Our team assists leading players from a wide variety of sectors, such as real estate, retail, private equity, energy, electronics, new technologies, FMCG, luxury, and industrial.

Running a successful business on a grander scale requires more than a deep knowledge of your own field and industry-specific skills. You are also obliged to adhere to numerous rules and regulations. Our team of corporate law attorneys will assist you in all the legal matters surrounding day-to- day operation of your enterprise, as well as advise you on long-term strategy and its potential implications.

We believe that legal advice based on field-specific expertise makes for a proper foundation, on which the framework of your company can be built. Our team of corporate lawyers will provide you with complex assistance, tailored not only to the specific requirements of your industry or current market trends, but – above all – to the unique traits and work ethics of your business.

Corporate Law – Legal Assistance for Companies

All matters deriving directly from the life cycle of the company – including its formation, governance, and business operation, as well as potential end – fall under the scope of corporate law. Our team of corporate lawyers will assist you in the following fields:
– contracts – drafting and reviewing legally binding agreements between business entities,
– housekeeping – overseeing day-to-day operation of the company and reviewing issued documentation,
– governance – assisting in the creation of the overall policy framework of the company management,
– due diligence ⁠-assessing potential investment or merger proposals,
– mergers and acquisitions – overseeing and negotiating all the aspects of merging with or acquiring another company,
– venture capital – seeking funds for building new businesses or expanding existing ones,
– regulatory compliance – ensuring legal adherence to the sector-specific regulations,
– advisory – providing expertise in the matters regarding business activity.

In providing tailor-made corporate assistance, we naturally work in close cooperation with our Contracts, M&A, Tax, Employment, and Dispute Resolution teams.

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