February 2020

Ramping Up Ecology – Changes in Waste Management

Did you know that from 1 Jan 2020 significant changes have been introduced into the waste management system in Poland?

In particular:

– every producer of waste (excluding municipal waste) who is obliged to maintain a record of waste is also obliged to register in the online waste database (pl. BDO);
– due to new regulations, in some cases waste transportation companies may refuse to collect it from entities not registered in the BDO;
– fines of up to PLN 1 million can be imposed for storing, collecting or transporting waste contrary to the new regulations (i.e. without permits);
– there are new requirements (including video monitoring) for the storage of waste by entities who are obliged to have permits for collecting, processing, and producing waste.

So make sure to check if:

– under new regulations you are a producer of waste who is obliged to maintain record of waste and be registered in the BDO;
– your current waste management system allows you to not be responsible for the waste of other entities (for example, the waste of tenants);
– your current waste management system does not expose you to the risk of being found responsible for hazardous or flammable waste produced by other entities (in particular tenants, such as hypermarkets);
– you need a permit for collecting waste (you could also be forced to apply these new requirements for storing waste (this may include video monitoring).

Prepared by: Sebastian Janicki

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