August 2021

Our Head of Real Estate Andrzej Tokaj comments in CEE Legal Matters

Our Head of Real Estate Andrzej Tokaj, in the July edition of CEE Legal Matters reflects on the contrasting performance of client matters represented by Baltic legal firms and other CEE jurisdictions operating on the M&A and Real Estate market.

One possible explanation raised is that some jurisdictions are more prone to self-filtering what they announce. Andrzej Tokaj, the Senior Partner of Penteris in Poland, explains, that, potentially, the very fact that the market is larger is what leads to fewer reported deals: “I believe that, because the Polish market is bigger than the Baltic markets, it is highly likely that both the number and the size of the deals are greater in Poland.” As a result of that, he says “the threshold for what we think is worth reporting is no doubt higher than in many other smaller jurisdictions.” For context, Tokaj points out that despite working across CEE, he focuses on Polish real estate, where “the value of the transactions can go up to several hundred million Euros.”

Andrzej Tokaj

Penteris Senior Partner