May 2020

Covid-19 – New Rules for Retailers

Based on the Cabinet Regulation of 2 May 2020 imposing specific restrictions, obligations, and prohibitions in connection with the state of epidemic, as of 4 May 2020, shopping centres with sales or service areas exceeding 2,000 m2 can reopen, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. cinemas, hairdressers, beauty parlours, gyms, fitness clubs, and travel agencies are to remain closed until further notice, and catering establishments can only serve takeout.
  2. island kiosks may operate provided that:
  3. displays/cash desks have been fitted out with plastic screens (separating staff from customers);
  4. staff members use face masks, coverings, or visors, as well as disposable gloves;
  5. the island kiosk interior is not accessible to anyone other than staff members;
  6. customers are served one at a time;
  7. customers are provided with disposable gloves or hand disinfectant.
  8. sanitary regulations must be observed, in particular:
  9. two limits on the number of shoppers:
    1. for shopping centres – no more than 1 person per 15 m2 of open sales or service area;
    2. for stores – no more than 1 person per 15 m2 of sales or service area in a given store;
  10. obligations concerning basic PPE: both shopping centres and individual stores are obliged to supply disposable gloves or hand disinfectant, to be compulsory used by customers and staff members alike; people in shopping centres are also obliged to cover their noses and mouths, preferably using face masks or visors; cash desks are to be cleaned with disinfectant at least once per hour, and workstations must be at least 1.5 m apart.

On the other hand, restrictions concerning so-called ‘senior citizen shopping hours’ have been lifted, and shopping centres with sales areas exceeding 2,000 m2 can now resume trading on Saturdays and any Sundays not covered by the general ban on Sunday trading.

The Polish Ministry of Development has also published additional guidelines for shopping centres with sales areas exceeding 2,000 m2 at https://www.gov.pl/web/rozwoj/centra-handlowe (content in Polish).

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